Gold Fillings

Cast gold fillings are based on a model (or cast) of your tooth. Cast gold fillings are a mixture of gold with other metals such as silver and copper. These other metals make gold fillings more durable.

A cast gold filling is made in a dental lab and sent back to your dentist, who cements it in place in your mouth. You will need at least two visits to the dentist to get the job done. During the first visit, your dentist cleans out all the decay and makes a mold of your tooth. The hole is filled with a temporary filling.

Meanwhile, in a dental lab, the mold of your tooth is used to make a model. A filling that is the same size and shape as your tooth is built, based on the model. When you go back to the dentist a couple of weeks later, the gold filling is cemented in place.


  • Gold is stronger than amalgam.
  • Gold fillings last a long time.


  • Gold costs more than other kinds of fillings.
  • Gold fillings and crowns are indirect fillings, so they require at least two appointments.
  • The gold colour may not appeal to people who want a “natural” look.

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